Uncle Bill Rose Buds 100g

Uncle Bill Rose Buds 100g

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Rose buds tea is caffeine-free and a great hot drink option for those wanting or needing to avoid caffeine.

Functional ingredients:

It is determined that the content of flavonoids reaches 3.30%, has strong DPPH free radical scavenging ability, strong linoleic acid peroxidation inhibition ability, and can effectively inhibit the auto-oxidation of oils.

Phenolic compound
The content of proanthocyanidins accounts for 10%-20% of the fresh weight. The antioxidant capacity of proanthocyanidins in the body is 50 times that of vitamin E and 20 times that of vitamin C.

Volatile terpenoids are the main aromatic compounds in roses. Contains a lot of vitamin E and carotene, these active ingredients have strong antioxidant properties.

Polysaccharides have the effects of scavenging free radicals and anti-tumor. Rose polysaccharides have strong effects on scavenging free radicals and inhibiting lipid peroxidation.

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