Uncle Bill® Millettia Specioga Roof NiuDaLi 200g

Uncle Bill® Millettia Specioga Roof NiuDaLi 200g

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• Lumbar muscle strain
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis
• Chronic hepatitis
• Spermatorrhea

Uses the root as medicine, and its main ingredients are protein, starch and alkaloids.

Eucommia pork bone soup:

Ingredients: fresh beef in threes and twos, eucommia ulmoides, bones, red dates (with pits removed), seasoning moderately.
Method: soak the beef vigorously and cut into sections; water from the Xishi bones; soak eucommia and red dates; put all the ingredients in a clay pot, add water to boil for about three hours, and season to drink.
Therapeutic effect: nourish liver and kidney, strengthen muscles and bones, nourish the spleen.

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