Uncle Bill Luo Han Guo (XL) (12pcs)
Uncle Bill Luo Han Guo (XL) (12pcs)
Uncle Bill Luo Han Guo (XL) (12pcs)

Uncle Bill Luo Han Guo (XL) (12pcs)

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Luo Han Guo is known as the "fairy fruit". It has the effects of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, producing body fluids and quenching thirst. It is very suitable for sore throat caused by dry heat, coughing with fire, and intestinal dryness, constipation and other discomforts.

It has a sweet taste, but has no Calories, and it can help purify blood lipids and moisturize the bowels. On the other hand, Luo Han Guo has rich nutritional value and can be used in tea and soup, allowing you to easily add it to your daily diet.

How to use:

Luo Han Guo soaked in water for drink:
1. Choose high-quality Luo Han Guo. The dried fruits of Luo Han Guo are brown in appearance, intact, not cracked or broken, and have more fluff.

2. Crush the luo han guo used to soak the water and divide it into several portions. The amount depends on the size of the water cup or the kettle. Too little makes the taste weak, and too much makes the taste too sweet.

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