Fortune® Mexico Topshell 2 units
Fortune® Mexico Topshell 2 units
Fortune® Mexico Topshell 2 units
Fortune® Mexico Topshell 2 units

Fortune® Mexico Topshell 2 units

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• Known as "table gold, the crown of sea treasures, and the soft gold of the sea"
• Its meat is tender, nutritious and delicious
• Contains a variety of vitamins, glutamic acid, and trace elements
• A high-protein and low-fat food
• Very beneficial to the human body

The edible part of the fresh product contains 24% protein and 0.44% fat; the dry product contains 40% protein, 33.7% glycogen and 0.9% fat. Abalone contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements. It is a high-protein and low-fat food that is very beneficial to the human body. Abalone is rich in glutamic acid and tastes very delicious.

Abalone, whose name is fish, is not a fish, but a single-shelled mollusk. Because its shape resembles a human ear, it is also called "Sea-ear". Abalones usually grow on the bottom of the ocean with cooler water temperatures, throughout the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

Abalone is a precious ingredient with tender meat and rich flavor. It ranks among the eight "sea treasures" and is known as the "Crown of Seafood". It is an extremely precious seafood and has always enjoyed a high reputation in the international market. Not only that, but abalone is rich in nutrition and has extremely high medicinal value.

Abalone is rich in protein, of which 30%-50% is collagen, which is much higher than other fish and shellfish. Contains mineral elements such as calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), selenium (Se), magnesium (Mg) and other mineral elements that play an important role in regulating the body's acid-base balance and maintaining neuromuscular excitement.

Abalone is rich in many physiologically active substances such as EPA, DHA, taurine, superoxide dismutase and so on.

The three recognized abalones are: net abalone, jipin abalone and hema abalone;

Suitable for the crowd:
Most people can eat
1. People with frequent nocturia, vitality deficiency, asthma, unstable blood pressure, and difficulty concentrating should eat more abalone; diabetic patients can also use abalone as an adjuvant treatment, but they must be prepared and stewed together to be effective.

2. Gout patients and those with high uric acid should not eat abalone meat, only a small amount of soup; people who have a cold, fever or sore throat should not eat it; people who are known for stubborn ringworm disease should not eat it.

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