Maple Candies 150g
Maple Candies 150g
Maple Candies 150g
Maple Candies 150g

Maple Candies 150g

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Product Highlights

• Canadian specialty
• Sweet as honey
• Unique flavour
• Rich in minerals
• Natural and nutritious product

Canada's beautiful and charming maple trees, in addition to viewing, are also an important economic resource. Sugar maple sap contains extremely high sugar content and is boiled into maple syrup, which is one of Canada's most famous specialties. This maple syrup is as sweet as honey, has a unique flavor, and is rich in minerals. It is a unique, natural and nutritious product. It is said to be able to nourish beauty and lose weight. It is very popular.

Maple syrup is rich in minerals and organic acids. It has lower calories than sucrose, fructose, corn sugar, etc., but it contains much higher calcium, magnesium and organic acids than other sugars, which can supplement the weakness of unbalanced nutrition. constitution. Maple syrup is not as sweet as honey, with a sugar content of about 66% (honey contains about 79%-81% sugar, and granulated sugar is as high as 99.4%).

You can dip pancakes and toast with syrup, or pour syrup on ice cream, yogurt, and milkshakes. If you put the dipping syrup on the snow and eat it together, it will be ice and sweet.

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