Herbal Paster Zhonghuo Jiao
Herbal Paster Zhonghuo Jiao
Herbal Paster Zhonghuo Jiao
Herbal Paster Zhonghuo Jiao

Herbal Paster Zhonghuo Jiao

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• Dual functions of moxibustion therapy and drug therapy
• Relieve muscle rigidity situation at the affected parts
• Promote blood circulation at the affected parts
• Rapidly dispelling cold and alleviating pain

Ingredients: Boswellic Preparata, Radix Puerariae, Oleum Menthae Dementholatum.

Characteristics:This product adopts modern technique for manufacture by following the therapeutic principle of the traditional moxibustion searching for the primary cause of a disease in treatment and strengthening the body resistance and eliminating pathogenic factors. It is characterized of having dual functions of moxibustion therapy and drug therapy, which can relieve muscle rigidity situation at the affected parts, and promote blood circulation at the affected parts, so as to achieve the effect of rapidly dispelling cold and regulating the meridians, activating blood and alleviating pain. Applying to the acupoint and treating the internal pain from external, this product has obvious therapeutic effect with security and without toxic side effects.
Applicable Scope: It is used for neck, shoulder, back pain, upper limbs numb resulting from cervical spondylosis.
Usage & Dosage: External use, apply the plaster to the acupoint. (namely Ashi acupoint)
1. Paroxysm period of the pain: directly apply the plaster to the affected point, one plaster per 10 hours till feeling no pain. 2. Alleviation period of the pain: apply the plaster to the former pain point, one plaster per day, which keeps 10 hours. 5 days is
one period of treatment. Stop for 2 days in the interval of every period of treatment. Generally through 4 periods of treatment,
the recurrence of cervical pain will be effectively controlled, When using, unfold the protective vanes, and peel off the removable paper, apply the two vanes of the medicinal plaster to the skin. as aiming at the affected point, for about 30 minutes, then tear out the temperature controlling tablet plaster and apply it to the center of the side without medicine so as to reduce its temperature to avoid burn.
When the temperature is lower than 5°C, use the collar or scarf to cover the moxibustion plaster so as to keep the heat.
Notice Items:
1. This product, Moxibustion plaster is for external use. Taking orally is prohibited.
2. To the very few patients whose symptom aggravate after use, please temporarily stop using.
3. To the few patients who have blisters after use (in ancient time called Scar-producing moxibustion), please use the sterilized needle
to tear the blisters and let out the alluvial liquid, and apply the antibacterial plaster, it will heal up itself. After healing up,
continue to apply the Plaster.
4. It is normal to have slight green herbal stains on the skin after application. The stains will fade automatically.
5. Be heated after lear: do not open the package before use!

1. Not used by those patients with skin vulnerability and sensitivity.
2. Persons with diabetes, high fever or skin lesions should not use it.
3. Pregnant women and young babies should not use it. [Storage)
Store air-tightly in cool and dry place
Period of Validity: Three years
Package: 2 patches per box
Production lot Number: See the package

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