Ginseng Royal Jelly 10ml x 30 Vials
Ginseng Royal Jelly 10ml x 30 Vials
Ginseng Royal Jelly 10ml x 30 Vials

Ginseng Royal Jelly 10ml x 30 Vials

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  • A health product made by adding ginseng to royal jelly
  • It can replenish vitality, invigorate the spleen and lungs, improve memory, enhance human immunity, and prolong life
  • It has anti-cancer, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects
  • It can be used to nourish physical weakness, improve malnutrition, loss of appetite, neurasthenia and other symptoms
  • It has a certain auxiliary effect on hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, anemia and recovery after illness

In terms of eating ginseng royal jelly, it is most suitable for middle-aged and elderly friends, especially female friends. It is especially suitable for people with weak physical fitness, fatigue, and poor resistance. It can nourish and strengthen, strengthen immunity, anti-aging, and treat menopause. The role of discomfort.

Directions and precautions:

It is best to take it one to two hours after a meal. It is not conducive to nutrient absorption when on an empty stomach or just after eating, which will cause some nutrient waste.

  1. Children should not take it. After a child takes ginseng royal jelly, it will promote precocious puberty, and currently the medical profession has no way to deal with precocious puberty caused by eating ginseng royal jelly.
  2. Avoid taking it for gastrointestinal disorders. Ginseng royal jelly can cause intestinal contraction, induce intestinal dysfunction, and cause diarrhea and constipation.
  3. Avoid taking allergies. Ginseng royal jelly contains hormones, enzymes, proteins and other substances. People who are usually allergic may cause allergies.
  4. Pregnant women should not take it. Pregnant women should not be supplemented with ginseng, which is easy to get angry. Royal jelly has the effect of stimulating uterine contraction and will affect the normal development of the fetus.
  5. Avoid taking it for patients with hypotension and hypoglycemia. Ginseng royal jelly can lower blood pressure and blood sugar, and people with low blood pressure and low blood sugar will increase the reaction if they eat it.

Seal, avoid light, and store in a cool and dry place.

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