Faem Skin®  Deep Skin Whitening Facial Cleanser

Faem Skin® Deep Skin Whitening Facial Cleanser

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Apply onto dampened face, massage gently and rinse thoroughly. For best results, use Faem Skin Q10 Collagen Cream Complex after wash to complete the full collagen skin treatment.

Over millions of years, thick layers of ice and snow form an icecap and moved down a gradient. Today glaciers are formed in the purest place such as at the North or South Pole or on high mountains symbolizing the health of nature and pure life. Faem Skin® Deep Skin Whitening Cleanser uses these natural components.

Canadian pure glacial water helps to improve tone and texture without harming the skin's natural barrier. A deep pore cleanser doesn't have to strip the skin; the foaming facial cleanser consist of a cream formula with a pH close to that of skin, for easy cleaning, completely rinse the skin's residue. This mild and relieving cleanser works to remove residue and unblock pores. Besides overall nourishing, it promotes efficient absorption of whitening ingredients. Helps eliminate skin's roughness and increases skin's elasticity, leaving the skin nicely white and shiny. Excellent for all skin types.

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