Dried Oyster Large 454g
Dried Oyster Large 454g
Dried Oyster Large 454g

Dried Oyster Large 454g

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• Fresh dried oyster, convenient for cooking anytime
• Rich in amino acids and many other elements health for the human body
• Amino acids have detoxification effects

Dried oyster is a dried product of oyster meat, rich in nutrition, and contains 8 kinds of amino acids and trace elements necessary for human body, including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, selenium, etc., liver glycogen (G1ycogen) and vitamins A, B , E, K and other operating ingredients.

These amino acids have a detoxification effect and can remove toxic substances in the body. Among them, ethanesulfonic acid has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol concentration, so it is good to arteriosclerosis. Oyster also contains vitamin B12, which is lacking in general food. The cobalamin in vitamin B12 is an indispensable substance of precaution pernicious anemia. Therefore, oyster also has an active hematopoietic function. Oyster, because the pronunciation is similar to the Cantonese "good thing", the Cantonese will use the oyster to cook the most classic New Year dishes "good fortune". Oyster can also be used as a stuff for soup or porridge. Korean oysters are greenish in color, smaller in size, but dry in body. Suitable for all people.

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