Dried Flounder Fish (1 lb)
Dried Flounder Fish (1 lb)
Dried Flounder Fish (1 lb)

Dried Flounder Fish (1 lb)

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• High nutritional value
• Can be used in soup and porridge
• Also used for stir-frying, no need to put seasonings to have umami taste

Umami Soup

Ingredients: 600g pork bones, 500g lean meat, 50g dried shrimps, 50g ground fish, 20g peppercorns, 2000ml water


1. Pork bones and lean meat are scalded and washed for later use.

2. Bake the earthen fish in an oven at 200°C for 15 minutes, and then crush it after cooling.

3. Put the ingredients of method 1 and 2 together with all the other ingredients into the soup pot, simmer for about 3 hours and then filter.

Fish sauce clear soup

Ingredients: 600g chicken bones, 30ml oil, 2 slices of earthen fish, 30g clove fish, 30g dried shrimp, 1/4 shredded onion, 2000ml water


1. Wash the chicken bones, and fry the earth fish, clove fish, and dried shrimps with hot oil over a low fire. Add onions and fry them until golden brown.

2. Put the ingredients of method 1 into the soup pot, add water and simmer for about 2 hours.

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