Dried Conch 454g
Dried Conch 454g
Dried Conch 454g
Dried Conch 454g

Dried Conch 454g

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• Rich in vitamin A, protein, iron, calcium, etc.
• Nourish yin and kidney, invigorate liver and spleen
• Has therapeutic effects on red eyes, jaundice, athlete's foot, hemorrhoids, etc.

Conch Meat is rich in protein, inorganic salts and multiple vitamins. It is sweet and cool in nature, and has the functions of clearing heat and improving eyesight. For example, with bamboo shoots, the soup is not only delicious, but also has high nutritional value.

Suitable for most people.

Conch pork bone soup:

Ingredients: conch meat (1000g), yam (30g), wolfberry (20g), pork ribs (250g), cooking wine (10g), ginger (10g), salt (3g)

  1. Soak the conch in boiling water, remove the head cover and tail meat, remove, wash and cut into pieces;
  2. Wash the wolfberry to remove impurities, soak in warm water and soften;
  3. Wash pork ribs and hammer them;
  4. Wash and peel the yam, and cut into small cubes;
   5. Peel and cut ginger into slices;
  6. Put pork bones in a stew pot, add appropriate amount of water to boil, add conch meat , yam, wolfberry and cook for 2 hours, add ginger, cooking wine, and salt.

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