Canada Ginseng Root  J23  454g

Canada Ginseng Root  J23  454g

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Modern medicine believes that the active ingredients of ginseng can improve the activity of the advanced nervous system and have anti-fatigue effects. It is often used clinically to treat autonomic dysfunction and various impotence. It can improve the intelligence, memory loss, and mental retardation of the elderly. It has a regulating and improving effect on the heart and blood vessels.

Ginseng can also enhance the body's ability to respond to various adverse stimuli. Whether it is physical, chemical or biological stimuli, it has the function of enhancing non-specific resistance, improving the body's adaptability, and promoting the normal function of pathological processes. Can increase red blood cells, hemoglobin and white blood cells, thereby reducing radiation damage to the hematopoietic system

In addition, Ginseng has substances that inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and can enhance the phagocytosis of the reticulum system and white blood cells.

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