BILL Natural Sources® Immune 60 vegetarian gummies
BILL Natural Sources® Immune 60 vegetarian gummies
BILL Natural Sources® Immune 60 vegetarian gummies

BILL Natural Sources® Immune 60 vegetarian gummies

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  • Enhances immune functions to mitigate effects of cold/flu
  • Helps clear various free radicals, protects gum health
  • Assists in collagen production, helps alleviate acne symptoms

Bill Natural Sources® Immune vegetarian gummies are a combination of Vitamin C and zinc:


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) acts as an enzyme activator and reducer in the human body, and it is a purifier of various harmful free radicals. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that can fight oxidation, prevent colds, and beautify the skin. The intake of vitamin C not only improves overall physical condition but also enhances metabolic processes, benefiting functions in the bones and blood vessels. Vitamin C can also promote iron absorption, improve various anemias, allergic skin issues, and help wound healing.


Zinc is an essential mineral in the body. The human body cannot naturally produce zinc, so it must be obtained through food or dietary supplements. Zinc primarily helps maintain a robust immune system and metabolism system. It is required for the production of immune cells and cell signaling transmissions. A lack of zinc can lead to weakened immune responses, slowed metabolism and hence make it very easy to cause hair loss, slow nutrient absorption, and slow wound healing. Zinc supplements can stimulate specific immune cells and reduce oxidative stress. In comparison, vegans are more prone to symptoms of zinc deficiency. BILL Natural Sources® Immune vegetarian gummies are made with high quality ingredients and formulated with clean ingredients, making them delicious and suitable for everyone! Suitable for vegans and vegetarians everywhere.


Why choose BILL®?

BILL Natural Sources® Immune vegetarian gummies contains rich Vitamin C and zinc in each gummy! It helps to boost immunity to help avoid seasonal colds and flu. It also improves iron absorption and wound healing. Each gummy is made with high quality ingredients for optimal effects. To meet the daily immune system needs of the body, start enjoying BILL Natural Sources® Immune vegetarian gummies today!



  • Antioxidants, cold prevention measure, and maintain skin health
  • Improve anemia, allergic skin diseases, help wound healing
  • Helps maintain normal metabolism of energy, carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids
  • Helps maintain growth, development and reproductive functions


Suggested Use:  For Adults

  • Take 4 gummies daily
  • Take with food, a few hours before or after taking other medications


With a natural berry flavor resembling huckleberry and grape tastes, it is not sweet or greasy.


No dairy, gluten, soy, yeast, artificial colours or flavours

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