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BILL® Children's Colostrum 90 chewable tablets

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• For immune system support

Bill Natural Sources® Children's Colostrum Chewable Tablets helps to supplement your immune system and support immune function within the upper respiratory tract. Bovine colostrum is the first milk produced by cows during the initial days after giving birth and are a good source of immune factors, growth factors and nutrients. Bovine colostrum is homologous to human colostrum but has more nutritive factors when compared to human colostrum. Immune factors are part of the immune response to bacteria and viruses which our body may come into contact with and may help protect the upper respiratory tract from illnesses. Colostrum is not only useful for children, but can also support the immune system/function in adults.

Bill Natural Sources® Children's Colostrum Chewable Tablets contains 350 mg of bovine colostrum and 200 mg of whey protein concentrate with 35% protein to help promote good health. Whey protein helps build antibodies and provide amino acids which help supplement the effects of bovine colostrum for maintenance of good health.

Why choose BILL®?

Bill Natural Sources®Children's Colostrum Chewable Tablet helps promotes growth, development, and performance in children and helps build a healthy immune system. Children and even adults of all ages will love this delicious vanilla flavoured cow-shaped chewable! Try our product today to enjoy the benefits of a stronger immune system.

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