BILL Natural Sources® 3-Month Liver Detox
BILL Natural Sources® 3-Month Liver Detox
BILL Natural Sources® 3-Month Liver Detox
BILL Natural Sources® 3-Month Liver Detox

BILL Natural Sources® 3-Month Liver Detox

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  • LiverFLX™ 120 capsules + LiverBuild™ 120 capsules
  • Helps to flush out toxins and support a healthy liver
  • Suitable for individuals looking for extra liver support

Our liver does a lot for us and is one of the biggest organs in our body. It helps filter toxins, create bile, metabolize protein and more. Nearly everything we eat gets processed by the liver and not everything we eat is good for us. Over time we accumulate toxins in our liver and sometimes it can be difficult for our liver to get rid of some of these toxins on top of the many functions that the liver performs. Due to the hard work done by the liver, sometimes we need a boost and that is where Bill Natural Sources® Liver Detox combo can help. It comes with LiverFLX™, our cleansing formula, to aid in toxin removal by helping to increase bile secretion and LiverBuild™, our nourishing formula, to protect and promote a healthy liver.

LiverFLX™ is a complex of 6 herbal ingredients formulated specifically to help support liver function, including increasing bile flow. Ingredients like Gentiana lutea used in herbal medicine to help increase bile flow due to being a cholagogue. Burdock is traditionally used in the removal of waste, via the kidneys, and mucous membranes. The other ingredients of LiverFLX™ help promote other functions of the liver and aid in toxin removal.

LiverBuild™ is a complex of 7 herbal ingredients formulated to protect the liver as a hepatoprotectant and promote a healthy liver. It includes dandelion root, which has properties that help combat free radicals, prevent scarring, and are lipid-lowering. It also includes other ingredients that further protect certain functionality of the liver such as Schisandra and milk thistle.

Why choose BILL®?

Bill Natural Sources® Liver Detox combines a cleansing formula and a nourishing formula.  We have designed this herbal base detox program to help you improve your system gradually.  We recommend that you start improving your liver with the LiverFLX™ to flush out toxins from the body, and complete it by using the LiverBuild™ to nourish and replenish your liver.

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