BILL Natural Sources® Vitality 60 vegetarian gummies
BILL Natural Sources® Vitality 60 vegetarian gummies
BILL Natural Sources® Vitality 60 vegetarian gummies

BILL Natural Sources® Vitality 60 vegetarian gummies

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  • Maintains the health of the nervous system transmission, and risk of dementia
  • Maintains important elements for stable red blood cell production
  • Helps metabolize proteins and fats
  • Helps improve sleep quality
  • Delicious strawberry and sweet beet flavour

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, which is easily metabolized, and is one of the vitamins that the human body is more prone to deficiency. It is recommended for regular intake by individuals aged 50 and above. Research indicates that even though many foods are rich in vitamin B12, about 10-30% of older individuals find it difficult to absorb B12 from food. On the other hand, as vegetarianism and veganism become more prevalent, vegetarians/vegans are at a higher risk of B12 deficiency since B12 is typically not present in vegetables, beans, fruits, and other plant-based foods. Long-term B12 deficiency can lead to issues such as anemia, fatigue, muscle weakness, digestive problems, nerve damage, lack of concentration, emotional disorders, and even dementia. Regular intake of vitamin B12 promotes the body's energy absorption, helps maintain a healthy energy metabolism, and keeps the body at a stable level of red blood cell production. Additionally, vitamin B12 promotes the release of melatonin, allowing for smoother sleep and increased sleep duration, thus alleviating chronic fatigue. Vitamin B12 is recognized as one of the safest vitamins to take as the body absorbs only the necessary amounts and eliminates any excess.


Why choose BILL®?

BILL Natural Sources® Vitality 60 vegetarian gummies contain the just the amount of Vitamin B12 the body needs! It promotes metabolism of proteins and fats, and also helps to generate neurotransmitters for depression. BILL Natural Sources® gummies are top choice gummies in Canada, proudly made in Canada. Start enjoying Vitality® Vitamin B12 Gummies today!



  • Relieves fatigue
  • Helps generate neurotransmitters that helps with depression
  • Helps red blood cell production

Suggested Use: Adults (19 years or older), take 4 gummies once daily.  


No dairy, gluten, soy, yeast or artificial colours and flavours.