Raw Tianqi Soup

2-3 servings


  • Raw Tianqi: 3-5 qian
  • Dried Longan: 1 tael
  • Dried Conch meat: 4 pieces
  • Silky chicken: half
  • A few orange peels


  1. Blanch the black-bone chicken for later use.
  2. The tangerine peel is soaked, and the rest of the materials are washed and set aside.
  3. Boil 1.2 litres of water (12 Chinese bowls of water), add all the ingredients, boil on high heat for 15 minutes, then turn to slow heat for 2 and a half hours, season with salt and serve.


Help children in growth, but also promote blood circulation, improve immunity and enhance general health.

 A bowl of good soup works better than ten meals

Digest easier than a big meal, more natural than vitamins, and more refreshing than herbal cuisine!

Insufficiency of vital energy and blood is a common problem among modern people. If you want to look rosy and full of energy, all you need is a bowl of good soup!

 Easy and convenient to prepare, simple to cook

All you need is to rinse a little medicinal material and put them into a pot for simmering, whether it is a corning pot, or a ceramic pot. If you don’t have time, put them all in a slow cooker or electric cooker!

Recipes have been classified according to suitable population and efficacy

In order to get the best result from the herbal soups, it is necessary to drink different types of soup according to different seasons. Different soup will result in different effects, so the recipe for soup that concentrated on children's development will be different than the soup focused on beauty and anti-aging.  We also include a “tip” to our recipe so you could easily choose the soup according to your needs!


Recommended for teenagers. Drinking this soup regularly may help promote blood circulation, enhance physical and improve immunity.