Shing Hing Dried Sand Fish  (XL) 113g

Shing Hing Dried Sand Fish (XL) 113g

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Thick meat, high nutrition, the best ingredients for stew and porridge Sand Fish live on beaches, mainly in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, the coast of Taiwan, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The taste is delicious and the taste is tender and crisp.

Sand fish glue chicken soup:

Chicken, half a piece; dried sand fish, appropriate amount; fish maw, 3 pieces; scallops, appropriate amount; appropriate amount of pork ribs or spare ribs; red dates, 10-20 pieces; appropriate amount of ginger


  • Get the materials ready
  • Dry the sand fish should be processed in advance. Cut off the sand fish sandbags, then spread the sand fish to clean them, then stir-fry them in a pot until golden, and finally rinse them off in clean water. There will be sand when you eat it without sand.
  • Soak the fish maw in advance
  • Put all the ingredients into the pot and simmer slowly for 1.5-2 hours, add salt to the pot, and the soup will be milky and milky white, so fresh and sweet

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