Korean Ginseng Tea 2g x 100packs

Korean Ginseng Tea 2g x 100packs

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Korean Ginseng Tea has the functions of invigorating vitality, promoting body fluid and soothing the nerves. It is suitable for people with palpitations, insomnia, physical weakness, heart failure, cardiogenic shock, etc.Korean ginseng contains polyacetylenes, acidic heteropolysaccharides, antioxidant aromatic compounds, and acidic peptides that act like insulin. Therefore, it has the role of preventive and auxiliary treatment for diabetes, cancer, liver and other diseases.

In addition, for people with poor resistance, drinking Korean ginseng tea properly and reasonably can enhance the body̍s immunity and maintain the balance of body functions.

1. People with evidence of insomnia and irritability should not drink Korean ginseng tea, otherwise their sleep will be worse.

2. People with allergies should not take it again if they have a rash after drinking Korean ginseng tea, especially if they have purulent inflammation.

3. It is generally not suitable to drink Korean ginseng tea when you have a cold or fever. Due to severe heart palpitations during fever, drinking Korean ginseng will increase blood circulation and cause heart palpitations, and even worsen the condition.

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