Combo Pack (Dried Mushrooms, Dried Fish Maw 6oz)
Combo Pack (Dried Mushrooms, Dried Fish Maw 6oz)
Combo Pack (Dried Mushrooms, Dried Fish Maw 6oz)
Combo Pack (Dried Mushrooms, Dried Fish Maw 6oz)

Combo Pack (Dried Mushrooms, Dried Fish Maw 6oz)

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• Mushrooms are rich in protein and a variety of trace elements necessary for the human body
• Mushrooms is tender and sweet, delicious and full of aroma. It is suitable for cooking, boiling, deep-frying, and stir-frying
• Mushroom is also a health food for colds, lowering cholesterol, preventing liver cirrhosis
• Fish maw is extremely nutritious
• Fish maw is a high-protein, low-fat food that has the functions of nourishing the kidney and essence, nourishing vitality and nourishing the skin

Mushrooms are a favorite food of Hong Kong people. Guangdong people generally call it winter mushrooms, while people in other provinces call it shiitake mushrooms. Recognizing high-quality shiitake mushrooms, you can see that the cover (also known as umbrella) is large, thick and round, the cover is complete, the color is bright, and the smell is strong.

Common sense of edible mushrooms:
Because mushrooms are dried products, they must be soaked and washed before eating. Pay attention to the method of soaking and cleaning the mushrooms, otherwise the nutritional value and edible flavor of the mushrooms will be reduced.
Cold water is not suitable for soaking mushrooms, because mushrooms contain nucleolytic enzymes. Only when soaked in hot water at 80́C, this enzyme can catalyze the ribonucleic acid in mushrooms and decompose 5-urylic acid which has the unique flavor of mushrooms. If it is soaked in cold water or boiling water, or the soaking time is too long, the fresh aroma of the mushrooms will be greatly reduced. When the mushroom body is completely soaked and becomes soft, the soaking can be stopped.

Mushrooms should not be stored for too long, especially to prevent moisture. Once damp, the mushroom body can easily grow and deteriorate. Do not mix it with raw fishy food or chemicals during storage, as it will not be edible if it absorbs the peculiar smell.

Soaking of fish maw:

Generally, the fish maw are dried and must be soaked before cooking. You can use a clean, larger container to soak the fish maw in cold water overnight, and then put the fish maw in the spring onion and ginger water to cook for approx. For 20 minutes, take out, wash and soak in cold water for later use, and then simmer and cook.

Storage method of fish maw: Store in a ventilated and cool place. If you need to eat for a long time, it is better to seal it and store it in a refrigerator at 0-8́C.

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